When Nature talks, Listen.

I remember as a kid growing up in the Arizona, we would have these massive storms .Usually a good part of the month of August. We called them summer monsoons. Lots of thunder and lightning. If that wasn’t enough the winds would come up blowing so hard it would get so dusty you couldn’t see but inches in front of your face. And what good summer storm would not be complete without the rain. I’m not just talking a few drops here and there. We are talking buckets of water. Then as quickly as it arrives it moves on by.

As you look  to assess the damages, trees are uprooted, power lines are down, and in some spots the water deep and flowing like a river. Kind of odd most of the communities were built on a flood plain. Surrounded by mountains Phoenix is seated right in the middle of a flood plain.

As kids we didn’t understand all that.  We just figured God was mad with us .And maybe in one sense of the word  Mother nature is trying to get our attention.. A quick glance at our histories and it is clear civilizations thrived when they lent an ear to natures call.

We have advanced no need to listen. We have science and technology..  Maybe our memories are short or we are not as smart as we think we are. Where were our science and technology when the hurricane to out New Orleans?  Or when the tornadoes raced havoc through out the mid west and eastern sea board ? And where was all that suave when the tsunami hit Japan?

I am not suggesting  we abandon all we have learned. We cannot even if we wanted to go back to an earlier time. We must seek wisdom over knowledge.to realize there are things much larger than ourselves. Losing our ego we can take our place in the large ecosystem we call planet Earth.