Counting down to Spring.

Slept in today. It was a heavy work week-end so I  enjoyed the chance to catch up. Feeling pretty good . It is a nice 75 degrees out side . The sun is shining . And with the morning chores , well almost out of the way. Middle of laundry, my fav.

I thought I would take a break and write a little.  I was reminded this morning why I love living in Arizona. Out side of a few very hot months the temperature is awesome. Today for example is a sunny 75 degree. Unlike other places on the planet. overcast with snow or rain and single digit temperature. For me it is a no brainier. I’ll take the sunshine.

Now if I grow tired of all this beautiful weather, an hours drive north finds me in snow country. With all the snow and cold the rest of the world is experiencing. As for me I can play there for the day and I am heading home to Phoenix and the sunshine.

We are clearly moving swiftly through these days of March. Eagerly waiting for the first day of Spring. Just a curious question. When they where figuring out the calender why didn’t they make the first day of Spring, New Years Day instead of January 1st? It makes more sense to me. What do you think?