It always seems to start out this way. An uncontrollable urge to write. I turn on my computer wait through the prompts and loading process. Single click to Fire Fox and  another to Word Press. And there it is a blank page.Frustrating me  my now blank mind. I assume every body has their own way of becoming one with their words. Translating thought to print. Maybe to some this is an easy task . For me I am not satisfied in till I have stripped away all the surface noise and exposing my heart and soul.. There is a sense of freedom as I empty my heart and watch as those words come to life on the page.

Do you think a am being over dramatic? I mean it is just words in a sentence form.They taught you this method in grade school. Well this is true the basic structure was taught in school, but no one can taught to create verse . Words that entice the reader, captivating their imagination,  and filling their hungry soul.

This is the quality that makes a writer a writer. I hope I am not creating confusion in your mind here. What I am presenting does not run in line with present day teaching. The system teaches academics. How to form a proper sentence. How to draw a live figure. Memorizing all the philosophers  words does not a philosopher make.  A tape recorder will serve the purpose as canter.

The same holds true with the art student. He/she can follow every step in sketching a life  form.Only to see it just set there on the paper. Creativity along with academics  makes a Picasso.The former sits lifeless on the canvas. while the other is alive .  You feel every curve, every expression, every emotion.

If I my say in closing , the writer must also draw from within that creative energy. Bringing life plain word. Prose you can be proud of.  Verse that is a mirror image of ones self.