My confession I quit watching……

Today was the first time since election day that I watched anything news worthy.. You might think this to be a rather strange statement to make . And maybe it is. My behavior isn’t without merit or at least in my mind. I have for years committed myself to being current and objective to my world around me . Daily I watched two news stations and read two weekly news mags. Feeling this was giving me a balanced rendering of my world.

I’m not sure when my problems began, but they came to a head four or five months ago causing me to boycott all news,  It was strange , i actually craved to watch news. Like needing to smoke that cigarette.  I knew to watch was not working for me emotionally  In a few days my craving went away and my mood was more upbeat . Clearer thinking.I was feeling great except for the nagging feeling that I was missing something . it was perfect.

So what made me decide to check it out. Just a whim.I have a couple of news feeds so I think I will hang with that. If I feel myself go in to overload I can just walk away for a day. I got to know what is going on around me. I didn’t want people to start thinking as we talked. Oh, you haven’t heard about this or that? What rock did you just crawl out from under? lol

So, go ahead and ask me what I think of the current state of world affairs? that’s a mouth full.

All the issues are the same as were I left them. North and south Korea we have been warring with them since right after WWII. The changing of the guard didn’t help as they had hoped Just a younger crazy with less experience than his dad and a nervous trigger finger. You got Israel  and Palestine  Murdering each other over a small patch of land, called the Gaza. And then how can we forget Syria

I could go on and on news never stops.