Can a Machine make sense of Human Senses?

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of artificial intelligence. To actually create , for lack of a better term , machine that replicates a human.  I am not even begun with my favorite question, WHY? I will leave that for another day. I just want to say before I move on. At first glance humans are working their way out of a job. And I just don’t mean the heavy repetitive labor, no , we are talking the whole enchilada here.  You know the job  that says human is the primary species on the planet. I’m guessing the material they are made out of is much stronger than the material humans are made of. You tell e  who is going to last longer?

Moving along my question here is HOW are they going to do it. To begin it might not appear to be that difficult. The first major hurdle is the building material .  Skin, organs,  bones, etc. From there the morgues are full of all sorts of prototypes.  A bit of reverse engineering . Task complete that lump of clay now has shape. Still it set there . No life as of yet.

This is where the mechanics come in. They have the task of creating everything under the hood. A perfect blend of parts and accessories working together to allow motion and mobility. With all the physical part in place, it is now time for the programing. Up to this point I am seeing it in the realm of possibility.

Let me explain.A new born begins with an empty page. NO experiences. Given an opportunity to experience the new born , may not understand at first what is happening, but will react out characteristics given to him at birth. I am referring to the five senses  and emotion the elements that make up the learning curve. I want to be clear learning is hindered if the physiology of the new born is flawed. An example is a child born with hearing receptors or defective parts. The child will never learn to hear.Other examples would be like autism and down syndrome and countless others.

The point I want to make clear here is in a normal new born learning development occurs as the senses are stimulated. So with this being said this is where I take issue. Up to this point in the construction of our cyber man all of it’s attributes are physical.Each part you can pick it up look at it, define it, and place it in the proper place. With all the parts in place we flip the  switch engaging the machine and now what? How does one handle emotion and senses for one thing ?  And then if that is accomplished how are they introduced to the host? Will our new creation accept their new tools and use then in the learning process as with the new born?

I know it must be a thought in the creators mine as the continue to work to perfect cyber man. Personally I am not seeing the connection at this point. Another thought in closing. In human evolution will they out grow the need for senses or emotions adapting on their own to their surroundings?  Not much different than the appendicitis or canine teeth? Give me your thoughts here.