Unresolved conflict returning..

I have witnessed in my own life that when I have an issue that I do not resolve, instead push it side, always return. Returning with  a vengeance. Much larger than  when I first encountered it. So, as I was looking through the news feed I came across several articles with North Korea in the head lines.

What has it been ?  Fifty plus years since the proverbial line was drawn in the sand. With the pr emus of guaranteed peace.    The U.S. considered their job to be done . Pushing it aside and returning to business as usual. After all that is what we do best. We make better isolationist than watch dog for the world.

I am sorry to say but this is looking to come back and bite us on the ass.There are ones  who think it is not going to amount to any thing. It’s been the same old story for years. It’s all posturing. Maybe so, but they seem a little more photogenic. I couldn’t help notice almost every picture of their new leader is shard with nukes. Boys and their toys.I think I would trade his dad’s experience for his youthful new outlook any day.