“Give Peace A Chance” or Wage Peace not war.

Peace; the absence of war or other hostilities.  An agreement or a treaty to end hostilities.  Freedom from quarrels and disagreement, harmonious relations. Peace is that ray of hope for humanity.  Ironically,  there is a part of humanity that are not  convinced.  They don’t feel we are in imminent  danger.  Feeling invincible.

I don’t see this as bearing any truth.  History repeats itself. Research it your self.  You will find that it is true. Every civilization large and small, weak and powerful, has risen to power. Enjoying the illusion for a season. Then the fall.War doesn’t bring peace and safety. It brings more war. We have a perfect example unfolding  right now. North Korea has been much in the news these days. This is not a new story. We have had involvement for the past fifty years. They called it the Korean Conflict  Conflict a nice word for a war.  Lines were drawn ,  picking up arms, and  killing each other.

Sounds like war to me. And when it was all said and done they redrew the line in the sand . Guess what? It was right on top of the old one. They ended where they began. Well, except for the lives that were lost. How many lives on both sides were sacrificed for that chunk of real estate? Fast forward to present day. Unsolved issues resurfacing .  Taking off were they left off.  There is one major difference, North Korea has upped the ante, adding nukes to the equation.

Some say  the North Koreans are just posturing. Nothing will become of it.  Maybe , maybe not.What I do see here is that war does not work. War leads to another war and another. Never ending. Unfortunately technology has given us the ammo to wage war, cause more destruction, and  kill more people  with less effort and time.

When will it end ? Warring has been with us since our humble beginning. And in all the millenniums of our time on the planet what have we learned?  Learning  to master the art of war inventing new ways to kill one another. But have we learned how to solve our issues and differences? Maybe we really don’t want to resolve our differences. Why else would we be feeding our negative nature. That a hard one to take . Once  you strip away excuses and justifications and motives , what is left is our selves and what we choose to do.

The human psyche is complex.  We have the capacity  on one side to love another human, while the other side  is capable of hating another human, to the point that you would kill that  human. So it boils down to choices. Not just a choice , but moment by moment choices. love or hate . Peace or war.I choose PEACE.  “Give Peace A Chance”. Let’s Wage Peace not war.