A Few Words to Go

There are times when I am sitting at home in front of my computer and no words are coming out. This is one of those days. Usually a change of scenery helps to get the words flowing again. I’ve been craving pancakes all morning. I have wanted to test my phone with Word Press. I downloaded the app some time ago, but haven’t tried it yet.

Perfect opportunity . IHOP is my favorite breakfast watering hole. The food is ususlly good and the price is right. They always have awesome combo specials. I am staring down at a plate of eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, and toast.  If that don’t do it I have french toast with a fresh berry compo.

Inbetween bites I am managing to write these words. I am enjoying   this. Totally. I figure this is sort of my little escape. I leave all the junk at the house. No problem, it will be there just I as I left it. One big difference, I will be refreshed. Strong again and able to cope with it. Brain health 101.

In all honesty I have a relatively stress free life. I have a few issues that I take very seriously. If you haven’t notice yet from my writing, number one issue is the NEED to abolish war with the violence and senseless killing. I don’t thing I will be satisfied till the planet is at peace. I may not see it in my life time. If I am able to convince one person that would be a good thing. Do the math 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 4+4=8 . I think you get the picture.

I think I am at the end of this post. I know the food is gone and I am about coffeed out. So, I need to proof read and, keep you fingers crossed, see if it will publish.