Aggressive Behavior: Nurture or Nature?

Humans have a history of aggressive behavior. I could safely say our cave dwelling decadence  were the first to show signs of aggression. Picture  that first encounter.  Possibly over food. A new comer challenges another and takes the food he had gathered .Triggering a fight. Not satisfied  he wants more. The cave  becomes the next object of contention.  The chief will not give in with out a fight. But finds he is no match for the newcomer  who beats him and casts him out. Establishing himself  as the new chief. He now posses every thing and every one in the perimeter of the cave dwelling. He is able to  take   on a mate of his choosing  as no one will contest. He may have what appears to be  a temporary peace. At least until he gets bored and wants more. The cave next door might be an easy take.  Or the cave next door might have had their eye on his cave for some time and are planning to invade and take his for their own. Sound familiar?

If we fast forward to today, not much has changed. Many a battle has been fought over a woman.  Our appetite has expanded with the passing of time. The need to consume more and more energy has caused fighting and loss of life. Territorial wars have been some of the bloodiest  battles we have seen.The need for man’s expansion has taken him to new heights, literally, the race into space. Still not satisfied, the civilized man has introduced value systems as another reason to fight. Millions have suffered and  killed in the name of religion and ethnic cleansing.

If I were to draw a conclusion from the examples above, it would appear as though nature has the upper hand. Humans are born with something within them that must be satisfied.  Being as much a part of ones persona as eating , sleeping and the sex drive. Logical as it may sound, I can’t accept this explanation as complete.

Up to this point, I  have only made reference to man’s dark side.  To completely define  the human psyche, there must be some discussion to the duality of it nature. Good and bad, light and dark, right and wrong  are  opposites. But one can not exist without the other. Anyway that is a whole other subject for another time.

If every one acted in the same our conclusions would be much simpler and we probably wouldn’t to be having this conversation. I have established the existence of the dark side to humanity. Witnessed by events current as well as antiquity. I haven’t  spoke of the light side of humanity.  There are several people who come to mind that embraced the light. Jesus, Buddha Gandhi M.L.K. Mandela , and so many more I could name .  As well as those one I can not name. It might be you or your next door neighbor.

So,  now we have the other side to the equation. No longer black or white , but black and white. This now opens up the possibility of free will and choices.  No longer thought of as a robot controlled by inborn passions. Clearly free will given us the liberty of choices . I don’t know . What do you think?