Wtiting blind

Writing blind here or pretty damclose.. It seems. As I!* left the left the house ntoday O forgot my glasses. Instead of going back I thought I could wing it.

Anyway , here we go. I am at a place called. NOver Easy.You guessed ot breakfast. Homemade cornbeef. Hash.yum. I think I will top it off with a pancake. Boy this is amazing how much we mdepend on our senses.

I need totake care the eyes. They are the only two Ingot..I think in the backnof my mind. I still haven’t accepted. My mortality. You know we are going to live forever.  Not… Not in this body anywa.  y Most of the. Time. I DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Oops I had the cap key on.we will see what kind ofnmess i nmade ofnthis post.

The words above I am leaving just as saw it without glasses…….