Time Travel, or Lives Journeys

Birth is not beginning , but  continuing…..

Traveling with time, through space…

The journey unclear, lost   memories….

Remembering,  returns clarity, moving forward…

The future becomes now as now, the past…

Looking forward  to the future…..

Cycle of life, eternal?

No beginning, No end?

The rational man seeks order in all that he sees and perceives.  As an attempt to define existence, the  need for a focal point is imperative.  There most  beginning. That starting point : life begins at birth. Others argue life begins at conception.  What if they are both wrong? What if life exists before conception?  There is no proof of existence before  birth . And no solid proof  of existence after death.

We know life in our moment to moment perceptions, all things now. As well as, others we have encountered in life, baring witness of our existence. And I can’t go without saying  we store a mind full of memories  of our past. This is just me talking now. I can not end the conversation here  There is more to the story Beyond what we see. I our memories perhaps contain the answers.

What I am saying is there has been a lot of study dedicated to the paranormal. Focusing on individuals and their past lives,The theory claims we have suppressed memories of past lives.Through hypnosis these past lives became evident. Although they present a very strong argument,  there are those that reject these findings. Claiming that they violate their said belief system.

Another phenomenon in the realm of the paranormal is people having visitations from one that have died.  I can see where all this is in the realm of possibility, but incomplete. Liken to a puzzle with some of the pieces missing.It’s all good.  As we  need to know  we will have the remaining pieces to the puzzle we call life.