I am sitting down to write and the conversation I had with a co-worker will not leave me alone. I have listened to similar conversation, but in all honesty this was the first time I have heard what was said. The road to citizenship may appear easy on paper, but the translation of language and culture can be challenging.

Let’s take a look at American culture. Traditions have played a big part in shaping our culture. It says who we are. I was taken back when my coworker  asked why we celebrate Memorial Day..I said, traditionally it is a day  set aside to remember and honor all those who have fought and died  to protect our freedoms. She said that agreed that is what it was supposed to be. But went on to ask  why for the past month, nothing  has been said about remembering the dead.

I have heard the words “Memorial Day Sale”  concerning  everything from cars to computers. A popular radio ad is announcing the three-day grand opening of the new casino near Flagstaff. Bla , bla , bla. Kind of a mixed message?  I was at a loss for words to defend our money hungry traditions. And may be a little embraced  Don’t get me wrong here. There is nothing .wrong with making money or enjoying leisure time. I am not taking issue there. If you want a holiday to enjoy a time of leisure call it what it is.. The Three Day Holiday, there it is . Now go play and spend that money. no more excuses

We  can give the day back to the ones that deserve it. The ones that are the real heroes here. The ones left behind. The mom’s and dad’s still alive waking up every morning missing their sons and daughters. Remembering the lives that were sacrificed. Not just one day a year , but every day. God bless them.