breath in





Stress stuck inside…….

Let go

What ….but ….How???


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Simple, but effective. I don’t know about all of you, but my world is busy. And I don’t take time to relax. Notice how I said ..take time and not there is no time Running here and there, doing this and that, in time you will loss focus. Growing weary,  spinning you wheels, with your results becoming counter productive. Not to mention how it will effect  your mental health.


I will not guarantee a quick fix.Each person is different with different circumstances. And how long has it been since you have just relaxed. I wish to make it clear.I am no physician, but I have found this as a self help. There are time where the stress is beyond the scope of self help. May I suggest finding a trusted physician.

Balance and harmony are two important factors in living a less stressful, productive life. Being realistic, our world is full of stressful situations.. We can’t avoid all of them.No, but you can cope much easier if your body and mind are in balance  and harmony.You react so much differently if your mind is relaxed vs. all tensed.You tend to make better decisions when you are at peace within.

Proper nutrition and sleep habits added to the mental relaxation or meditation for short., are important to keeping that balance..This is quite involved so I have decided to two maybe three more posts on this subject matter.