Not ready to let my previous post go, feeling the need to continue looking at stress. Stress , just the sounds of/in the word makes me tense up inside. STRESS..It must be all the ese’s. We can try to ignore it,  but it is not one of those ignore go away things.Instead it works to the opposite. If the energy created by that stress is not released it will remain only to be fed by the next stressful moment. Growing in strength it become difficult to  manage.  And if it is allowed to get to the point of overload it will force its way out. Possibly causing harm to self and whoever is in striking range.

In my last post  I touched on the three key factors to deal with stress. Let me be perfectly clear. What I am sharing here will not eliminate stress.  I can sense some of you are a bit confused with these words. And others maybe starting to shut me of . All talk and can’t deliver.  Just bare with me for a moment. I think I can make it clear..

Stress is everywhere in all shapes and disguises. If you can say my world is stress free then you are either lying to yourself or you are in a better place than I am. And you probably don’t need to be hearing my words. But if  you like me live in the real world,  you agree stress is everywhere.  How many of you have deliberately changed direction to avoid stress only to blindly run smack dab into more stress. Stress is everywhere. We can’t run from it.We can’t hide from it. And we can’t deny that it exists.

This is where I share with you three things to combat stress. So, listen up. Stress is an external force and it sole purpose is to invade the body through the mind.  Rest,relaxation, and sleep are essential to coping with stress. It only makes sense a rested mind and body is stronger to resist stress than if you are fatigued. proper nutrition goes hand in hand with my first point. If you eat right your mind and body are strong enough to fight. Meditation for the lack of a better term,completes the three. It is the vehicle that moves all that stress  that the mind and body has absorbed, but still remain strong  because they are rested and well nourished.

I can’t over emphasize the importance  of eating right, proper rest, and meditation working together.Most of us are not used to a  balanced diet.  We are what we eat healthy. Busy or not take time to sleep. Meditation will adapt with almost any group culture and value system. Some may choose to prayerfully meditate.Others may find it more comfortable  as part of their yoga exercise. And yet other make find it through hypnosis.  The point is find what makes you comfortable and meditate. RELEASE THAT STRESS.