No I didn’t go fishing….

Maybe you  noticed that I haven’t made a post in a while..Well if you haven’t noticed, it’s true, I  haven’t made a post in a while. It was not me lacking  words for the page. I can always find something to say. As L was sitting here  pondering the thought of writing this post, I entertained the thought  of fabricating a story. Like I was just about finished with this post. Not just any post, but the best post to date. Took me 3 hours to write. And just when I was getting ready  to press publish the dog came along and ate my homework…I mean the dog came along and chewed up the computer cord. that was it…No you wouldn’t believe it. I don’t even have a dog.

No, I didn’t go fishing…. The truth of the matter, as boring as it may sound,  I had put off attending this class. What kind of class ?, you ask.  It was a class in or would that  be on hard knocks.It seem my computer was having a bit of a security problem. Every time I would go on-line something would turn the firewall off.

I spent the better part  of two days,  my days off I may add, reading this , trying that. I read every bit of helps I could get my hands on. HARD KNOCKS right. See I did  not have  the advantage of being born in the now generation. Boomers weren’t weaned on computers. so the information is not readily available. It is not second nature. A lot of tri al and error is involved. HARD KNOCKS right.  At the end of the day,  I completed the class.  My computer is secure once more. And every time I rub the bumps on my head I remember  what I learned.