Friday afternoon. IHOP

I seem to be having technical issue inputing information into this phone. I just lost the whole page that took twenty minutes to write and a matter of seconds to disappear.Sorry, that was some of my better proses. Lost

Seem since I quite watching the news there is nothing to bitch about. I feel a little more relaxed, but doesn’t mean planet Earth took that break with me. NO I am sure things are rolling along as usual. The hater killing one another as well as innocent bystanders. Many are starving while others live in glutteny. Throwing what they don’t eat into the garbage.

It is what it is . I can’t belabor what I can’t change, but I can do my best to change what I can. If everyone would consider that approach it wouldn’t be long and I think we could knock down some of those walls that are keeping us warring  and hungry . A pipe dream you say. Well maybe. I have to try believing I can do something. What are we be without hope? I figure if I spent as much energy as I do with unimportant things, on these things I deam as important I wouldn’t stop till the job was done

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