My day trip to the MVD……

I was not expecting to walk into a packed house.   I thought I would be in and out, picture, done.

I really can’t complain. 45 minutes tops.  The photo is really bad I mean bad. It’s okay I’m good for 5 years. I’ll be sixty five. Too retarded to drive.

The fun never ends. I did the Indian School east to west side tour. Now, I am sitting at Smash  Burger stuffing my face, burger and fries. Ice cream is going to be the dessert. Yum.

I am around the block from the half price used book store. Fun.. Boy am I a cheap date

Straight up dark chocolate ice cream.  One scoop of the choclate, one peanut butter ice cream and a fist full of m&m’s. Mix well on stone cold table.  You know i need to start with the pictures as I go about my little adventures…..

Off to the book store.

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