How hard can it be to ” SPEAK YOUR MIND” ?

I started this post days ago.  Looking as I do at my question in the title from every angle. How hard can it be to ” SPEAK  YOUR MIND”?  I think I have heard the expression all my life. What’s on your mind, boy? Go ahead speak your mind.  At first glance it is the action of voicing ones opinion. I would have to say that at times I found it to be easy and other times difficult to speak my mind.

First off  I  must have an opinion. And then have the confidence and conviction to speak. Taking care in choosing my words bold and uncompromising, but at the same time being politically correct. Not wanting to offend but making it clear on where I stand .  To do it right  will always present a challenge.

I probably could have stopped here. I answered the question . Ya, kind of answered the question. Okay now reach over and push the publish button… MY world’s shortest post.  I paused instead to take another look.  You know spelling , grammar, punctuation, and the likes.  I had a feeling I was missing some thing. The title caught my eye and wouldn’t let go. Speak your mind. Speak your mind.

Speak your  mind. As I said before, at first glance it is voicing my opinion. Focusing on the word mind, pulls me into a deeper meaning. The mind is more than just an opinion, a passing thought. My mind is the whole essence of who I am. It is my thoughts and emotions, and personality.  My life force , my soul.

This adds dimension making it more of a  challenge.My first question is, do I really know myself? And if so how much will I  share? How transparent can I be? Now on the other hand if I don’t know me it is the right time to find out who I am. It’s like peeling an onion layer by layer. Discarding what doesn’t belong.  Like all those disguises I  wore for family and friends.Innocently wanting to   please others I became what I thought would make them happy. Not realizing how unhappy I had become.

To be honest this is not a new revelation for me. Some time ago I  went through a series of events  Leaving me empty. I had no more to give. I could no longer be what I was not. What made it worse was there was no one there to feed me. They all went away. It left me with one choice because giving up we not an option.  With this said I am in a much better place. Not a perfect me and the me is not perfect and never will be. It feels real good to look in the mirror every day and the real me is looking back. Not a blur of masks, but a clearer me more every day.

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