My Great Escape

I don’t know about you all. Boy I started this post out ignoring my English grammar manners. Let’s make another go of it .

This week at my job there more workers than there is work. Lending me the opportunity to use some of my accredit PTO time. Kind of cool. This will give me the opportunity to catch up on all those things I have been putting off because I am too busy working.

My top priority is to write that mega post. All the time in the world to make it just right. Sounds good right?  It is good in theory.  And I do begin with good intent. I don’t know, it seems my apartment becomes a black hole . Sucking me in to the vortex. Helpless to resist. It drains all my creative energy.

One of the most common causes of distractions is the very tool of my trade, my computer. I ‘ll be typing away and out of the corner of eye I see a little red blinking light. I got mail.  It will keep right?  After about ten or fifteen minutes of arguing with myself, I give in and check the mail. That it though, check the mail and right back to work.

Saving my draft I head off to gmail.  On the way I have already forgotten my promise to myself.  I’ll just make a quick stop by FaceBook and see what is up. Words with Friends pulls me in. Or maybe Angry Birds.

About an hour later I make it to my mail.  There goes another hour, maybe two. On my way back I should stop back by and finish that game……..  So when I finally get back to my post we are talking hours here. And only a half page of write.

It gets even worse when all of the electronics join forces. The cell phone starts ringing. The TV or cd player start in next. By then I’m spent.  Sucked into the vortex….

At that point there is only plan of attack of I want to get anything done today. You got it. Grabbing my phone, I can blog on it. And out the door I go. Alas My Great Escape……

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