Wheel of Fortune..


So what do you think. I just figured out how to down load that from Google search. It wasn’t an easy find either. Or at least not as easy as I thought it would be. The word meaning I was looking for was not on the front page, but the second or third. Wheel of Fortune the game dominated the early pages. This got me thinking. It seems when ever a word is reduced to game status it loses it strength, or importance, or reality. Take for example “war games” . Innocent enough.  We are only  playing . No one dies. After all they aren’t real bullet. It is only paint pellets. Desensitizing . Losing that feeling of what war really is. Violent acts of destruction  and killing. And the finality of death.

Well, I see I have managed to stray way off topic. Consider it bonus and now we can move on to our subject. The Wheel of Fortune, the tenth card in the tarot deck.  Hold up for a minute.  I can hear all the minds snapping shut..  A closed  mind hears nothing and learns nothing. The Tarot has given way to misconception.  As some manipulate and abuse the cards for their own personal gain.

I suggest  a new  and simple look at the cards. Not as hocus pocus or magic , but as a tool  to help us make sense of this life. Unlike a book, it has no binding. But there is a certain order to its pages. Instead of words it uses pictures and symbols to give understanding.

So you might ask why the Tarot. and why the tenth card  known as the Wheel of Fortune.  I was thinking on the subject for this post as I always do. Some times it happens right away and other times it takes days. This one is taking days. To be quite honest with you when I thought of the card I wanted to dismiss it. I wasn’t sure how it would be received.  But as you can see I chose to use the card. What better way could I illustrate my point?

The key component  to the  Wheel of Fortune  is the wheel.   On and around the circle are various letters and symbols.  Each of them adding their part to the meaning of the card. To keep things simple I will not go into detail . This would take pages to describe. The letters spell out two words, Tarot and the name for God in Hebrew. I found that to be interesting. There is reference made to the four  Gospels of the New Testament, as well as the four directions of them wind , north, south, east, and west. At the top of the wheel is a symbol of prosperity and all that is good and at the bottom bad and evil. This is as far as we go with description. If you want a more detailed meaning there are several sites on-line can be searched out.  Or I would be glad to make it an object of another post. Let me know in the comments.

So, with all this said,what does it mean to me and how can that be of any help? The first thing I notice is the wheel.  It is not a straight line but a circle. Traveling up one side to the top. Then down the other side to the bottom. Only to travel back up again to the top. This is very important. We all share a common thread. It is called being human. Circumstances may differ. but we all see good times and bad times. no exception.  If we had it our way life would be good all the time..  That’s not the way life works.  Like the wheel we are on top one day, but don’t get to comfortable there.  It will not be long and  we will head down the other side to the bottom.  I know it is an unpleasant feeling. Accepting this as a part of the cycle of life helps one cope.Do not waste energy resisting. Flow with it and learn .  Knowing that in due time you will again be ascending to the top.

These words speak to me as much or maybe more, Avoiding pain is a human trait. I am suggesting  instead of resisting go with it. This doesn’t mean giving up or giving in.  Think of it more like treading water.  Fight it and the current will ware you down. If you keep your head up and float  you can ride that current to safety.

I realize this  might be a little hard to accept.  It is the total opposite to how we were brought up. The concept is not new.  Eastern cultures have used it for thousands of years in the form of martial arts. This is a subject for another day.  I hope you give this some thought and share with me here. I am not the only one of opinion here. Unless you give me that right by saying nothing. Thank you for listening.