Computer Crash

If anyone has noticed, I haven’t been around for a few.  Well I  don’t have an exciting story to tell you. No tales of adventure or alien abduction, not even a short road trip. The simple truth is my computer crashed.  Not just a stop in the action that a reboot will fix. No, this is the one were every thing you try doesn’t work and  your last resort is the restoration program. I call it my last resort because it takes you right back to factory default..  I’m not sure I am out of the weeds yet. It’s still being a problem child.. I guess I should be happy I’ve had this computer for ten  years.No problems till now. I don’t know how many years that is in human years, but for electronics it is considered old.and out dated..

So if I am unable to resolve some of the issues I may be out looking for a new computer. I’m like a kid in a candy store when you get me around electronics I want to try everything.. So I am going to make this post short. I don’t want to push my luck..  So maybe in a few days my fingers will be dancing on a brand new key board.