I find it curious that when I confess or better yet express a statement topically , life lesson,  that I am tested on said statement.  A few posts back I talked about the Wheel of Fortune. Making bold positive statements on how to react to life’s up and down situations. As I recall all was well so it was easy say how I should react.

A day or two later things happened to rock my perfect world. I would like to say I reacted in the positive fashion as I had previously expressed. I must confess instead I  reacted as everyone else has at one time or another. Bumming, frustrated, angry, feeling sorry for myself. Humbling to discover I am no better or worse than anyone else.

It was at this point I was ready to see. Those glasses called ego removed  I  is able to see world much clearer. We share a common thread called HUMANITY.  Human speaks  to me, equality.  No one is better than another and there is no one worse. .No one gets an all good pass.. It simply does not exist. Expect both good and bad, but not  the finality of either. Even in our darkest days we are able to reach out for the light.

I would like to say in closing. If I can even put into words what I am feeling. I feel revived, renewed, energized..It a feeling of being full.. all to often we experience life that leaves us hungry..You might be thinking Nick how can that be. The week you just came through. STOP. Key words CAME THROUGH.. Didn’t stop half way, when the going got tough. Took the whole test and pasted. Maybe stumbling a bit through the hard stuff.  But that’s okay I can say  my lesson was learned. See gathering knowledge is easy. You just memorize facts out of a book. But if take that knowledge and mix it with the experience you receive wisdom.