PEACE, peace, PEACE…

Peace is ever-present on my mind.  I don’t have to look very far to realize our world is  growing darker and darker ,  and darker still. There isn’t a day that goes by that the media isn’t unearthing a story  of  random violence and loss of life. Those are just the appetizers   for the major events taking place in the Middle East. There are reports daily of conflict in Syria, and  Egypt and other countries in the region

The free world sits back and watches  as  the  death count gets larger. Even with the obstacle of local censorship , there are ones who have managed to document  on going events sharing them with the outside. A  low estimate daily death toll in the hundreds. High ball would be in the thousands..

The loss of one life is tragic…. But hundreds and thousands  that is  beyond  my capacity to comprehend.  It is just frig-in  wrong. I guess it isn’t so realistic when we can sit back in the safe comfort of our cozy  living room and watch current events on the  TV. It’s kind of difficult to feel the terror of watching a parent  or a sibling being killed. Knowing you could be next.

Graphic are they not? Those are real dead children.Not staged. Not Hollywood  And for what Waste of life.

I have to close here,as   I need to go take a walk. Clear my head…Do you wonder for a minute why I keep talking about peace.  BECAUSE WAR ISN’T WORKING ONE PERSON IS KILLED  THIS GIVES REASON  TO RETALIATE AND KILL TWO. NOW YOU DID IT.   FOR THE TWO FOUR MORE MUST LOSS THERE LIVES AND SO ON AND SO ON. WHAT TILL THERE IS NO MORE?