An old write. I’m still confused?

I was thinking about how there is such a big effort to protect our children from harm. There is the thing we call censorship. Monitoring what they listen to and what they watch. Now here is a confusing thought .You don’t hear to often were a kid commits a sex crime. But you do hear of adults caught in the act. I guess when we reach a certain age we can control what we feed our head and equally control our actions.

If I can go a step further with my confusion. If indeed we are so concerned about our children’s welfare, why is it so easy to send them off to war? This really don’t make any sense to me.

Now, there is the war on drugs. Funny how we so relate to the word war. Anyway, this is an agenda bent on ridding the world of what they consider harmful drugs. The irony of it all, on any major street , at mile intervals you can spot a watering hole. Tavern, bar, club, lounge. And what can you get in there? Oh, that’s right alcohol isn’t harmful.

We wouldn’t even get into the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical biz. Scary…..