I was doing my weekly grocery shop.   The process methodical, quick and painless. I know what I want  so I  zip down the aisles grabbing what I need and moving on.  Well,  that is until  I get to the book and magazine aisle.   No , I have to stop and check all the new books out and look through any magazine that catches my eye.. I set no time  limit.  A half hour maybe longer. I really play the tourist.

The truth is my motive for writing this post was not to bore you with grocery  adventures or my obsession at the magazine stand.   Instead some thing I read  there started me thinking . I am not able to shake it off until  I write about it. It have taken me almost a week to do this. I had problems with my first draft.  Hopefully  they are straightened out.

Anyway , two historical  icons were the theme  and caught my attention as an interesting read.. One was the late President Kennedy.  Time flies it is the fiftieth anniversary of his death. The event is still clear in my memory  after all those years.

The other was the late John Lennon whose birthday  is remembered. He would have been Seventy-one.  The events of his death are also clear in my mind. I thought it was very cool  that two of my heroes were being remembered .  So,  I  went about my shopping .

It wasn’t until  I got to the check out counter that the thought hit me.  My eyes came across a tabloid were the head limes read  some thong to the effect,  secrets of the Kennedy  autopsy. That left me feeling uneasy as I thought about the ones that would go to any lengths to sell hard copy. I am not saying  there aren’t sincere writer . I am sure there are many, but the bottom  line is selling that hard copy.