They call her the Cat Lady

I have a little story I want to share. A little out of the ordinary for me . No rants. No complaints. Just a very positive account of what I experienced last night. I was at work and it was towards the end of my shift. I have  grown accustom to setting aside a plate of food to feed this stray cat that has been hanging out I guess about a year now. A short note in case one of my bosses happens to read this..  I am not using major grocery. Just the scrapes in the pan that is too little to save. So instead of the garbage  I set it out doors for the cat.

Anyway to get on with my story. There are only two sets of buildings on our street. It dead ends at the canal. So there is no through traffic. Just cars pulling in to our parking lot or the storage business across the street. That is why I noticed a truck parked on the street side and some one milling around. I put the food I had where I usually set it and thought I would investigate. There was this lady by the truck and she was putting something into containers. As I got closer I could see two or three cats circling around her as she placed the containers in front of them. I could see two or three more coming from across the street heading in her direction.

Curious, I had to see what was up. I had heard some of the people I worked with talk about a lady who fed cats in the area. They called her the cat lady.I thought it could be her. Walking up to her I said hello . As the conversation continued she said she saw me feeding the little black cat and thanked me for it. And went on to say that she had been feeding the cats there every day for the past five  years. She had said at one point there were about twelve,  but she had buried three that had died.

Wow, that blew my mind. If I hadn’t seen it with my own two eye I wouldn’t had believed that  some one was taking the time to care for these animals that others quit caring about. Now if that wasn’t the kicker she said she had another site a mile from here and there were many more cats than here. Twenty plus.

I thought to myself as I headed back to the building, this lady is a saint. Do you know she has a name for each of them. I am still blown away. Large or small there is a purpose for every living creature on the planet. Never underestimate an act of kindness. God Bless her.