Get away….

In these times I find there is need to get away. It’s not a confession of weakness or denial or defeat. It is just being human. Uniquely created with the need to be fed as well as maintained in order to function properly. It may sound easy. And I suppose it could be if we lived in a perfect world. Bare with me I’ll make things clearer as I continue.

To begin we need to realize we are much more than just a body,a lump of matter. Yes, we are a body and a soul and a spirit. A unique union as the body provides the shelter for the in dwelling soul and spirit. For the sake of simplicity and not wanting to speak beyond my understanding of the subject matter. I feel comfortable with the three part being .

The body is by it’s very nature the most studied and understood of the three. You can physically see it touch it examine it. Where as. the other two are intangible so they are observed through the reaction they create . For example, take wind. We have defined the word wind. We don’t see it, but we know it is present as we watch how it reacts with things aground it.motion of tree limbs and leaves.ripples on a pond. So this is our guide for the unseen soul and spirit. We observe it’s reaction with the body or the bodies behavior.

Some questions may be coming to mind about now. The body is almost a given. Eating a balanced diet, rest,sleep, exercise,and grooming are essential. You noticed I said almost a given. Well let’s just say we all have ignored any number of those essentials.

The soul by definition is your mind, your reason, your intellect. Living in the body with the spirit. The dwelling place for God. The soul is the mediator between the spiritual and the physical. This is why it is important that the soul and the spirit must be fed. To realize this truth you will understand completely my opening statement. My need to get away where it is quiet. With no distractions. Giving me opportunity to meditate,pray, regroup, get fed and regain my strength….