Dark Clouds

I know this feeling. I have felt it before. Coming from out of nowhere and wants to shadow me. The more I try to push it away the stronger it comes my way. Robbing me of my joy and peace of mind. How does one fight that which is not flesh and blood, but pure emotion? And negative emotion…..

I know every body have moods good and bad. Unannounced . I have to be honest it doesn’t make it easier to handle. It is a curious thing. It appears to happen as something major is about to happen. Or I am in the process of a big decision.trying to drag me in another direction. To bring in that element of confusion.

I know it is temporary… I know change is good… I can be a stubborn little bastard at times. Get set in my ways. Don’t want to change, don’t want to move. Stand right here in place….. I know I have seen this coming for some time now…

So here I sit writing these words. Believe it or not it is helping. There is something about getting my thoughts in front of me where I can readily see them . Not only does it clear some of the clutter but it gives me something tangible to build solutions on.

I wrote this post a few months ago and never published it. There may be a few more before it is all said and done.I am in the process of cleaning up the blog. I had acted on incomplete advice. Although I obtained a domain name, the blog site that came with it ended up being an expense. Now at the years end my contract complete I am able to move into a direction that I hope is a better fit for me. Come on by and tell me what you think. nick