January 1, 2014

A catchy title  wouldn’t you say?  This year flew right by.. Time is so relative to our perceptions.  It’s funny . When we are having a bad day it feel like it will never end.But this whole year just zoomed right by.  Wasn’t I just reflecting on the the year 2012? It’s been an eventful year. Both  on a personal level and the world around me. I seem to run a few steps behind how how the world turns.  Time truly, waits for no one.

Time is that constant.  Ever moving forward. It is a reminder to me how important it is to keep up.  The shocker is to wake up  to find your whole world has moved on leaving you behind. Stuck in old habits. Old thoughts. Old ways. To be truly alive is to be in motion. Evolving. Moving forward. Growing. Maturing. Ever learning something new…. Keeping the good and getting rid of the bad.

I must confess it is not as easy as all that. I find I get set in old ways. Old habits are hard to break. A perfect example…I started this post on New Year’s Day, Jan.1. Today’s date is Jan.7. What can I say . Old habits are hard to break.

Any way Happy Belated New Years to one and all. May this new year 2014 bring us one year closer to PEACE for our planet. Blessings for all…nick