In My Beginning…..

In My Beginning there was me with myself and I. It was all good floating about in my little world. If one can imagine at that very moment nothingness. Totally pure peace and bliss….. Time and space had no meaning. No purpose. That all changed the moment I became aware of the outside world. It is no longer just me and the moment, but something exists outside my world.

Time and space found its purpose. Living in the moment that IS I look back at the original moment that WAS. Now looking forward to the moment that WILL BE. You think that sounds confusing now? Think about how it sounded the first time around. Unable to go back there is only one thing to do. Explore what will be.

Moment to moment I grow and I grow. My little world gets smaller and smaller. What was once a place of comfort and security has become a place of confinement. At the mercy of that which exists outside my world. It’s not like I didn’t try. My kicking and punching didn’t even seem to phase it. But how do you fight something you can not see. You know they are out there. You hear noises, voices, feel motion, and sometimes loud voices, trembling and crying.. Those times are scary.

Moment to moment it has become a waiting game…. This place is more and more uncomfortable by the moment. I’m telling you right now. My first chance to get out of here dude I’m gone. At this point not even thinking about what is out there. I want out……

Just when I thought I couldn’t stand another moment in confinement something super natural happened. The walls around me began to shake like an earthquake. Then the gates that held me and the water suddenly burst open propelling me with the water outward through an opening. It’s so bright and loud and …..deeeep breath exhaaaale….. Welcome to this, your brand new world.