Am I Being All That I …..

Am I being all that I can be? This question has challenge me most of my life. I have never been able just to sit for very long without wondering if there is more I could be doing. Or can I improve on what I am doing. It can be both a blessing and a curse. As a blessing it is a strong motivator to move forward. To evolve. To be all that I can be. On the down side an overly critical mind and introspect can be a bad mix causing paralysis. Instead of forward movement there may not be any movement at all.

Patience and understanding. Those two words sound funny to have to put into practice for myself. Usually I think of others I need to be patient with. Or to try to understand a bit clearer.But myself? It!s not just a can do it’s a must do. Maybe this is my purpose at this moment, to remind myself to be a bit more patient and understanding with myself. That is not to say if anyone can relate to my words this is equally good. It’s a win win. We both benefit .