Some times it is the unseen….

Some times it is the unseen that is more of a hindrance than that which can be seen. I know I probably need to explain myself here. It’s not as complicated as it might sound. I am not talking  spirits and ghosts. No, let’s bring it right down to the gut level. I don’t think there is anyone on the planet that hasn’t had issues with some one. For a reason, seemingly important at the time, some one gets up in your face or you in theirs. This can be problematic, but I find it more so to be what I would call blind sighted..

Those are events that appear to come from out of nowhere, source unknown. How do you fight that which you’ve can’t,see? It seems at times there are ones who for reasons of their own choose to take issue with you, but do not confront you face to face.  Blind sighted, coming from out of nowhere, from person or persons unknown.

I don’t claim any trophies for victories over conflict. Usually I don’t fare well or I try to avoid it all together. But as time goes on it seems to be harder to avoid. I turn around to walk  away from a situation only to run head on into another twice the size. Who would figure?

You would think  with all the years of practice I wouldn’t  be so naive. Falling for every trick. Gullible. I can be all those.  You know it hurts every time you fall down. And it is harder to get back up and move on again.  I am beginning to see avoiding the conflict doesn’t mean you avoid the pain. Quite the contrary . That conflict does not go away, but grows larger and with it so does the pain.

So what is my solution? To be perfectly honest with you I have no sure fire way of dealing.  I do walk about with my eyes wide open and instead of turning away I try to face  my conflict. Doing the best I can to remedy the situation.

So I guess one must grow wiser in the ways of the world. Facing conflict when it begins. In it’s infancy stage it is a bit easier to manage. This is not saying you will never have problems. No, but they can be dealt with if you face them. For every problem there is a the best solution.