Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune, I am not writing this post about a trip to the casino. It would be nice and maybe a topic of a future. .


I’m not feeling a heavy theological discussion. I just want to focus for a moment on a wheel, which is in essence a circle. And a circle ends where it begins and begins where it end. A perfect cycle of motion.

Sitting here watching the wheel in my minds eye. Going around and round and around. Not too slow, not too fast keeping that perfect time. If I was to place my self on the wheel.anywhere is fine. Say I pick mid left side. Not too greedy, but I am moving up. Moving up and feeling better.

Reaching the top I am excited. I’ve made it. I reached the top. I don’t ever want to leave. Unfortunately, this is not the nature of the wheel . it continues to turn with me now moving downward. Bracing myself knowing the bottom is forthcoming.

And the wheel keeps turning. Hitting bottom and around and moving up the other side to the top again. One cycle complete. Taking the time to reflect on this experience I am seeing things in a new light.