I have heard it said…..

I have heard it said if you turn and run away, your tormentors will follow. Gaining momentum with every step till they overcome you. Knocking you down rendering you helpless. Unable to defend yourself or the one put in your charge.

Sitting here it accrues to me that I have spent a good part of my life running, hiding, denying. Creating a bright,clean world to mask the dirty dark one. Now listen to me closely this is important.

Positive attitude is so important. But what I made reference to above is not. It is a deception. It’s not making a wrong right, a dark light, a bad good. First of all the problem, conflict, crisis ,or whatever must be faced head on.Then to the best of your ability fix it. Wrong to right. Dark to light. Bad to good.

Easy, I never said easy. No it will be hard as hell. But if there is one consolation that problem unchecked today will be twice as big tomorrow. So I can safely say it will be easier dealt with immediately.