Ripples, ripples on a once….

Ripples, ripples on a once still pond. As I sat down to write each of the words came to me one at a time. Starting with Ripples….I sat and looked at the one word for the longest time not knowing what to add. So I got up and closed the page. Started something else as a distraction. Coming back some time later adding the second word. But it is the same as the first word. I am beginning to wonder whether I am going nowhere with this. Then the third word, the forth , fifth, and sixth. Now, looking at a full intro sentence,or rather the first paragraph.

Fortunately, this is not my procedure each time I sit down to write. Some days the words flow out so easy and other days like pulling teeth. One at a time. I don’t stop till I am satisfied with it and that it is ready to post. It doesn’t matter how many times I put it down. I come back again and again until it is complete.

Ripples, yes that is the word ripples on a once still pond. Have you ever had the opportunity to sit on the bank of a pond? Quiet, peaceful, no wind, still. Meditating calm…. So relaxed in trance.. You don’t even notice someone else there until they heave a large stone into the center of the pond.

Suddenly your world is changed. Stillness gives in to force of the stone. Sending ripples coursing in all directions. Quiet is overcome with noise. Chaos for peace. Broken trance. No longer a meditating calm.

This has been the most I have ever struggled to put words on a page so before I talk myself out of posting I have to do this. I hope you can dig out the meaning between the lines.