My first time out to dinner with…….

My first time out to dinner with my new iPad. I’m usually never without a pad and pen, but it looks like this may be replacing that. Kind of sad in a way. It’s like saying good bye to an old friend. It is important to stay current. As you well know technology is running ramped. New and improved devices coming out monthly. Or so it seems. It’s probably more like six months to a year.

This iPad is very cool. It’s putting the fun back in the writing. And that is so important when you have committed yourself to writing daily. I guess I was starting to get into a rut. My word were lifeless, becoming stale. I am feeling the change. And it feels good.

By now you are probably wondering where I might be dinning ? This is a little out of place for me as I haven’t been out to dinner in a long time. I was sitting at home thinking to myself. I don’t feel like cooking. Besides I am getting burnt out on the same old meals.

Sorry for the pause in the action here. The food hit the table and it’s like one bite leads to another and then another. All that remains is a small pile of rice and fish bones. Most excellent! I am so sorry I didn’t even mention were i am at. A few blocks from my place is a Thai Food place. The meal is a little spendy, but the food is so good and well worth it. The topper is of course is the dessert. They make a homemade coconut ice cream. To die for.

It doesn’t get much better than this. I can’t eat another bite. What would make my day is for someone to pay my . Like that is going to happen. Anyway as soon as I can get up I’ll drag myself home. I work in the morning early. Actually I work a double.