I am about ready to ….

I am about ready to explode. With no were to turn and no one really to talk to about it I am here putting my thoughts on paper . Well not quite paper, but it is as good as it gets.

I fancy myself as an even tempered kind of person. I roll with it. . I suppose that is easy to say if all is well in my world. Hum! I hadn’t considered that angle. Maybe I need to change my mind set on this situation. Looking at this person in a new light.

Instead of seeing it as a threat, I should welcome it as an opportunity or lesson in temperance. So instead of wrestling with something I can not possibly beat or change, I should open up to it and receive what it is really telling me. Accepting what it is trying to teach me.

I am not sure if I am being totally clear. It is not a position of weakness, but strength . It’s not giving up or running from it. It is standing firm and facing the situation. Drawing on my inner person to help guide me through. And learn from the experience .

It is just like all other things in life I can’t really know it till I experience it. This goes beyond book learning. Wow, I do feel a bit better. I guess I needed to be reminded of this truth. My situation has not gone away but the way I am now looking at it has changed. Let’s see what this new day will bring…….