Where did all our heroes go?

Where did all our heroes go? I think it starts at a very young age. Maybe we are born with an innate need for some one to look up to. A hero per say. We are conditioned just what we are looking for. Think about it. Captain Marvel comics, Batman, Superman….. And the list goes on.

That shining example of perfection..a flawless icon…immortal ..always doing good… That need doesn’t seem to waver with age instead it morphs. It may be a TV idol, musician, political figure or speaker, or religious figure.. Santa Claus….

Then there comes a day when you put the comic books away. Realizing the comic book heroes really don’t exist, except between their pages. Sooner or later those TV idols, , musician, politician, and even religious leaders lose their hero status. No heroes just humans here. And I am sorry if anyone happens to be reading this that still believes in Santa, sorry he doesn’t exist.

Where did all our heroes go? The truth is there are no heroes. There images are false security at best. Just all us humans limited in our abilities of perfection. And we are all heroes.