Life is…..

Life is brutally honest. Wasting no time it moves forward, Always leading, never a follow. It’s beginning and it’s ending shroud in mystery.. There are ones that have tried unraveling the mysteries with little or no success. How can one enjoy the Present if their focus is on what was or what will be?

Humans are a peculiar bunch . Half the population is running around trying to shorten their lives or lives of others. While the other half is trying their best prolong it. Going to great length to guarantee longevity …..

Oddly there are so many more sickly and what I term “living dead”. Attached to a machine their life support. LIVING???

I can’t make that judgement for you. As for me it doesn’t spell living for me. Now, don’t get me wrong I love the life. Trying to live each now moment. But when I get to the point when this body shuts down, no longer able to work that magic that allows us to walk, talk, breath, then and only then.will give it up and move forward into the next phase of life beyond this body.

Like I said that is my take. It works for me. You have to find that which works for you. .