Body Language…..

Body Language..communication with gesture, not words…. At first it appears to be intimidating ….It is a skill learned through careful observation…. Its greatest attribute is honesty… Where spoken word can lie. The body can only tell the truth…

A learned skill. How is it learned? Through careful observation. It is important to realize that trial and error are a large part of the learning curve. Tempered through experience and intuition

Why would you want to be skilled in body language? Quite simply it will give you a strong tool of defense against ones that would want to deceive you and use you for their own selfish reasons.

I want to be clear. Not everyone is using words to deceive.I am not saying we should live in paranoia not trusting or avoiding all people. saying we need to walk through life with eyes wide open. And not everybody is what they say they are.

You will be surprised at how natural it will become as you rely on you intuitive nature to help guide your journey through this life.
It will help you make better choices. Surrounding yourself with straight up people. Honest and straight forward. Positive people helping you to move forward instead of bring you down or manipulating you into doing what is unhealthy for you.

I do realize we are imperfect in an imperfect world.but that doesn’t mean we have to give in to it. Instead I advocate using every available tool to help better ourselves… Doesn’t that make total sense?.