Rent day…..

Rent day…. It is also one full month till my sixty first birthday. Pretty amazing. One never imagines getting this far. There were a few times that I wasn’t sure. I thank God for my life and everything in it. There must be purpose as I am still here. I am not sure as to what that is…. Just that nervousness stirring within me. The feeling of anticipation. The understanding that all that has been is preparation for that which is and is to come.

I have images of grandeur, of doing great things,changing the world for good, bringing world peace, yada, yada, yada. It is almost laughable. How much of that will be manifested truth and how much is Nicks ego? Nicks want to be? Nick, a legend in his own mind?

I allow myself the luxury of entertaining these thoughts, if just for a moment.. But the reality is ever clear..I am just one of millions upon millions upon millions of player in this game we call life. There is one infinitely larger, master builder, creator of all that is in our world and beyond……I hate to limit the deity with names and labels, but to avoid confusion and guarantee clarity for our mortal minds I use the name GOD……

I am not too sure the title is complete. But there are some point worth posting. So here goes.