I must be ……..

I must be honest with me. I must be honest with you.. I must to my own heart be true. You probably wondering just were I am going with this. Oh yes there is method to my madness. Bare with me I should put it in order very soon.

You might have noticed the past few months I haven’t posted as often.. Or maybe you haven’t noticed at all. That’s okay because I’ve noticed and have to ask myself why. A simple word, why. My answer is some what complex. It has taken me some time to understand ,the why?

I suspect there are those that will catch what I am saying. While other will not. It’s okay. It might not be for your ears to hear. And I apologize for wasting your time. But if there is just one person that can relate to what I am saying then it is all worth the time I am spending here.

I want to be clear my current writing habit is not from lack of interest or purpose. My passion to write is very much alive..as is the reason for beginning this blog.

I am having a little difficulty putting my thoughts into words here. So bare with me if you will. Over the past few months I have received comments from different sources. Ones that have liked my writing and I assume that is why they choose to follow.. There have been a few, two or three maybe four who felt they had the answers for my blogs success.. Ways and means to increase the number of my following. Encouraging me to write more. The more I write the more will read. The more will read and follow .. The more that follow the more successful my blog will be.

Of course I want to be successful . To be read by many. So that got me thinking.have I been wrong in my approach. New to blogging I do not claim to be all knowing. And above all it is important to cultivate a teachable spirit.

This set me to examine other blogs that were succeeding. There are several that fit the bill. Each had a common thread. They were unique to the individual writer. Distinctly their personal voice feeling their passion and enthusiasm for their work and the people they were writing for.

I concluded that even though numbers, a growing population of followers is the byproduct of their work. It is not the focal point. So, where does this apply to me? I do have some things to learn. That is the way we grow, develop, evolve if you will. There is no recipe, steps one, two, three to create a perfect blog. It is writing from the heart as I watch and listen to my readers. Growing and changing as my following does. NOT seeing a number, but a person, an individual, Joe, Jill, Jane, John.

Writing posts that are relevant , honest, a piece of me, from the heart. Not just a jumble of words calling it a post and mass produce them so you can count them. Having more than anybody else.

So I have decided two things. If it is not a piece of me I will not write it. And I want to only see a gathering of people following not a sequence of numbers. If I can not be true to you and myself then I don’t need to be here and will find another way to get my word to the eyes and ears of those people that choose to hear them.

I want to take this time to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my word and as they felt need to return in comment. We feed each other. It keeps us alive and strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thanks again…nick