Mothers Day

Mothers Day, you know that holiday tradition that comes once a year on a Sundays . It is on this day all across America families gather with mom as the center of attention. Showering her with gifts and compliments. And telling her how much you love her. And I think that it is a good thing. Actually it is a great thing. I’ think motherhood is one of the hardest jobs on the planet.Not to mention a thankless job.

You know me I can not leave things alone. To just relax and enjoy the day. There are a few things I take issue with. Sorry moms. My beef is with big business. They take our well meaning traditions and exploit them for monetary gain. Making money off of mom.

My take on this is not to boycott the holiday but instead of buying that item from the store personalize that gift of love and appreciation. Prepare her favorite dinner, write her a special poem just for her, make her something with your own hands. I fancy doing macrame. Jewelry , etc. it always puts a smile on my face whenever I see her wear something I’ve made

The other issue well not really an issue, but a perception. We have been conditioned to once a year , second Sunday in May to honor mom. This universal acknowledgement is very cool. My thing is as far back as I can remember to today mom always took the time for me ever ending unconditional love. And Lord knows there was many times as I was growing up that I didn’t even like me . She always managed to react in a positive fashion. Showing me her love. So in return I have to say one day is not enough.i love you mom.24/7.