This formula is essential for those who seek wisdom. Unfortunately there is a misconception to become wise all you must do is gather knowledge. So you read every book, magazine , periodical you can get your hands on and surround yourself with scholarly people.. All with hope of gathering knowledge ultimately becoming wise.

At the end of the day all you have is a head full of ideas and an empty heart not having experienced any of it. Knowledge is kind of a funny thing. It lies dormant Intill you activate it . Put it to work .experience it..

In my field , Culinary I’ve seen it more than once. A graduate from a culinary school will come in head full of information, jumps in the kitchen and falls on his face. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with knowledge.. I have several cookbooks and have taken classes from food science to nutrition, but I’ve also spent years testing the information over a hot stove.

Knowledge plus experience equals wisdom.

By all means research the area you want to be wise in. And don’t be shy put it to the test experience it . And from that you will receive wisdom