Quality not Quantity

Quality not Quantity. I have been toying with this thought now for a few days. A key factor is supply and demand. As the population has increased so has it’s needs. If you can think it. There is a demand for it. And somebody or somebodies willing to supply .

We live in a world were there are more cars , and phones, and computers , just to name a few , than ever. To meet the demand is a great achievement in itself. So if the supply is meeting the demand what is the problem?

We are sacrificing quality for quantity. To begin to increase production you must have more materials. That would not be a problem if there was an end less supply of materials, but as you well know we are depleting our natural resources. Leaving us no choice ration the materials or use an inferior product.

Time is another factor. With a need for twice the amount of product in the same work day. Adjustments are made. Short cuts are taken. Less time and care is taken. Or they are subcontracting certain jobs to other countries, because it can be done cheaper. Not better. It’s a trade off.quantity for quality…..the inscription MADE IN AMERICA used to mean something nick