Are you passing time or is time passing you

Are you passing time or is time passing you? I was sitting outside my apartment at a community table enjoying my morning ice coffee. The weather is so nice in the morning. My day off I’m in no hurry I thought I’d do my breakfast out of doors. Kind of different than the hermit recluse I usually display..

I had no sooner sat down and pulling my breakfast burrito from the local fast food Mex when my next door neighbor came out of his apartment. I guess he doesn’t smoke inside. He sat down, lit up,started talking. I added what I could between bites. And when he would. Pause to pause to breath. He is a pretty cool dude and I like talking to him.

He is a bit long I am more quiet spoken. I guess that’s a good match. If someone is talking Someone should be listening.

Usually we have a good conversation, but today it was complaints. The neighbor above him was playing his guitar too loud. He had three differs bone diseases . I can’t even pronounce them other wise spell The one that got me chuckling though was when he said he couldn’t get around like he used to. And shortly after excused himself and said he had to walk across the street because he needed a pack of

After he left I got to thinking he has only got a few years on me and I am no where near slowing down or letting time roll me over. I thank God for the strength to keep on truckin.

So I ask you the same question I asked myself.are you passing time or is time passing you? Are you enjoying now, the moment or are you racing to catch up. Or even worse stopped and given up all together?