I can’t let it go…..

I can’t let it go.. I have something more to say. The more I think about it …it’s like why didn’t I see this before? It is all about control. Socialism, Capitalism the one is no different than the other. A horse of a different color. The bottom line is IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL.

One endorses the philosophy that equality equals material equality. So the government own all the land and businesses . Each person is given an equal portion.. I am assuming a single person is allotted ex amount of living space. With families receiving in proportion to the number in the family. And a similar process with food and other good. How is that for control?

Now let’s take a look at the other one. They believe you should be free to own your own property. Own and operate your own business buy as little or as many goods as you choose.. In this free society one is able to acquire as much material wealth as they can. Now in a perfect society this is utopia. This is ” living the American Dream” We are talking no corruption here. No greed. No malice or deceit. Unfortunately this is not the case. There are ones who have gotten rich . Very rich . Most of the times on the backs of the common man. In this capitalist society money talks. Money buys votes money influences decisions. Money controls how every thing operates . What does that sound like?

It doesn’t sound like freedom, liberty, and equality to me it speaks loudly they want to control everything. CONTROL.