R.I.P. Coffee Lady

Directly across the street from my apartment, 40th St. & Indian School Rd, in the small strip mall, was a coffee house by the name ” The Coffee Lady”. The owner there I believe her name to be Marie, but every one knew her as the Coffee Lady. Well to make a long story short. It had been a long time since I had been in there. Three or four years maybe. About a month back I happened to be by there and I thought Id grab a coffee. The name had changed and it looked like new owners.. I was in today and there was a lady sitting at a booth that remembered me from the times I came in there years back.. She shared some news with me that I wasn’t expecting The CoffeeLady had passed away. So I am sitting here remembering her and her frozen mocha drinks. They were delicious. R.I.P. Coffee Lady..