I want to be clear…….

I want to be clear my intent is not to bum anyone out. But I need to have this conversation. So if have any problem with talk about death the maybe this post isn’t for you. Put this aside and read me another day.

I am not morbid, crazy, or preoccupied with death. I do work in a nursing home and yes there is a high mortality rate. But this isn’t about all that. It’s funny I’ve noticed an attraction to some. The resident count averages between 80 & 100. My job is to prepare their meals. So there isn’t that direct contact. As I was saying over the past three years that I have been there are those I am drawn to.

Maria was one of those people. The thing is I never met her personally.. I only knew her through preparing her food . She ate no meat so I would prepare her something special. And it always knew her tray when it came back on the cart. We would joke on how her plate was in order and all the napkins stuffed into the water glass.

Yesterday lunch there was an awkward moment. They were calling her order to me and there happened to be a CNA in the kitchen.she told us that she had passed away in the middle of the night. I stopped in place. It was like her time when I prepared her meal. And I couldn’t do that any more. Strange huh? That’s just me.

Anyway R.I.P. Maria. R.I.P.