DOING? What is that, DOING?

Doing? What is that, doing? I was sitting here reading a post someone put on FB. Ya, I was getting pumped up. Ya he was right . We need to do something about this……. It was at that moment, how do I explain this without you thinking I am this weirdo listening to voices?Telling him to do things?

Anyway, think what you will and I will do my best to explain myself. I was like someone tapped me on the shoulder and said stop what you are doing right now . Step back and look at yourself . What are you thinking? What are you DOING?

I am thinking about this article I’ve read. And how right on it is. And how something needs to be done. Ok, now stop … What are you DOING? Doing I told you I am reading……No, stop… What are you DOING? Ahhh I guess I don’t understand the question…..

Telling and listening are not the end to the means. You are better than half way there. The action is in the doing. Let me explain. For example you were watching the news . They were talking about the violence and killing somewhere in the Middle East . You get a call from a friend and the conversation leads around to the news cast. Violence in the world something must be done. You are so into your conversation that you don’t even hear the commotion in the apartment next door. Banging and screaming, and breaking things. What are we doing ? Just talk.

I am not advocating trying to be the hero. Jumping up in the middle of all that. You don’t want to become part of the problem or worse a victim . I don’t claim to be all that street smart. I have made my share of mistakes. But if you are open lessons can be learned. It’s like I stopped off at a local Walgreens after work. At certain times it is known to be a place where pan handlers come. I saw this one guy walk up to this lady asking for money he had a story, food for his kids or the likes. I was way impressed by her reaction. She didn’t look down on him shouting insults Instead she told him she wouldn’t give him any money, but if he would wait while she went into the store that she would bring him out a bag , food for a meal. Now that to me was smart DOiNG….